ZONT Tracker

ZONT Tracker
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Other
Tags: gps

ZONT Tracker - a very worthy application with good functionality for control of finding the necessary phone and thus its owner.This program will be very useful to everyone, you never know at what point it would be useful to you, whether you have a small child, elderly parents or other fans to disappear and not be felt.In general, do not worry for their loved ones.

  • entry route of movement;
  • statistics Management;
  • View data via a web interface;
  • Automatic start when the phone is switched on;
  • monitoring incoming and outgoing calls and SMS;
  • Using the coordinates of the GSM towers and Wi-Fi networks.
  • There is password protection of settings and turn off the change;
  • Turn on / off and change modes via the web interface;
  • Covert use( mode is not supported by all phones).

Russian language: yes

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