Yandex translate

Yandex translate
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Translators
Tags: online

Yandex.Translate - otichnaya utility to translate almost any text.For Android devices. Applications Yandex have a very similar structure and visual design.It is very convenient, because the application of the well-known developer, you can easily identify with the naked eye.As usual strict and stylish design.

On translation application market a lot of good suggestions, but it has advantages.The rich functionality of the program allows you to feel the language barriers at all, because the work is incredibly fast and choice of words - is accurate. Yandex.Translate can easily work without a network connection, but with built-in dictionaries.So you can work with the eleven most widespread languages.Pre will have to download the dictionaries, but their weight is nothing compared to the possibility of transfer offline.

Yandex perfectly recognizes handwritten and typed text.Suffice it to take a photo and the program will be translated by the words on it, bringing his version on top of it.Ideal for travelers. Total available to the user for more than 60 different languages ​​(with a connection to the network).Translation synchronous, together with the introduction of information and voice input is available.Showing the value of each word, transcription and options values.

Enjoy incredibly convenient.Intelligent software system stores the queries and allows you to watch their story suggests words and completing their writing.


Working with the Internet and without it;High transfer speed;Working with images;Weight languages;Voice input;History and completion of phrases;All values ​​and synonyms;Easy installation.

Transleytor difficult to find better than this.His closest competitor from Google is also very functional, but "thinks" longer and longer dependent on the Internet.The choice is clear, if you need a high-quality translator, the application of Yandex - this is what you need!

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