Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail
OS: Android 2.1

Yandeks.Pochta - rich and highly customizable e-mail client for devices running the Android OS. In terms of the interface - a typical product of Yandex.Menu and all the controls are carried out in a trendy now the «Material Design».It looks interesting and practical.

The first launch is accompanied by a couple of interesting points.Simplified identification procedure - just login and not the whole address.After authentication occurs letters download( about a minute).When using the program in the future, all available instantly.

Available many categories of letters, where you can send them manually or previously created rule.In addition to flexible organization is available to create new folder - for example, for a single recipient emails.All operations are carried out very quickly, and in general the performance in applications is high enough. Letters are displayed immediately with the appearance of them in the drawer.Restart the application is not necessary.A new message appears on lokskrine, but without displaying the content.The memory of the gadget has been very little space - about 10 megabytes.

I am glad to work with attachments - they are easy to view and send.This can be used, and third-party applications.Basic steps - removal and response - available directly to the general email list.You can easily connect multiple boxes and get right with the message of many addresses.


Avtouvedomleniya;Intellectual and manual sorting of letters;Simplicity and practicality;Low system requirements;Support for multiple addresses;Yandex.Mail for domains.

Easy to install and configure.Ideal for those who want to have an email client that does not require too much attention, but copes with the conduct of mail.

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