WHA All models

WHA All models
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This appendix provides general information for all families VAZ, including all the technical data: weight, dimensions, engine size etc

It's been many years since the release of the first car at the WHA.Legendary "pennies."And all this time the plant is not standing still.During this time the issue was arranged a large number of new models.Previously produced automobiles "VAZ" with the names of "Lada", "Niva", "Sputnik", "Samara", "Oka".Currently produces cars under the brand name «Lada»( «Lada"), which sellers and consumers are still often referred to as vases.

VAZ knowingly earned the people's love and trust.Cars of this brand, along with the practicality and comfort, cheapness of spare parts and repairs, rightly have a reputation for working people of our roads.

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16 Mar2090


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