WEB to PDF From UC Browser

WEB to PDF From UC Browser
OS: Android 2.1

WEB to PDF From UC Browser for Android - This application will help convert web pages to PDF-files.Perform these operations, you can at any time, and a connection to the internet in any way the work is not affected.


this program - addition to the UC Browser;clarity and simplicity;you will no longer be dependent on the quality and availability of the Internet connection.

WEB to Portable Document Format( PDF) from UC Browser was developed for the case, if there is a need of battery life with the sites.You quickly learn functionality, because it is necessary to open a page on android and click where there is a Web-PDF label, and then confirm the name, path, and starts downloading the desired content.Current offers will be students and those who need constant access to some information.But if such needs you have, you are unlikely to find the use of this utility.


sure you need to install UC Browser?

Yes, it is a prerequisite utility operation, as this will only supplement, but not a standalone product.

Download Programs WEB to PDF From UC Browser on android for free

11 Apr7010


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