VKontakte Music and Video

VKontakte Music and Video
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

Vkontakte Video and Music - an interesting and useful application for Android devices on the platform.With it, you can quickly locate any video clip and add it to your account VKontakte.The principle of operation is very simple, you need using a standard interface to search for videos and watch your favorite videos.

It is worth noting that this software product contains a small ad units.But taking advantage of all the ads Add free can be quickly removed.To use the app you no longer need to constantly introduce Mr. personal contact details, as well as enter somewhere in your password on a page.To use the program it is enough to install on your tablet or smartphone, then before you receive a window in which you are asked to select the genre you are interested in music and preferred themes of video content.

Search principle required video or music is done by phrases that you type into the search bar.All proposed «Vkontakte Video» results you can see and save on your mobile device.Among the key characteristics of the application are the following items:

opportunity to work on different versions of Android;search for content across the social network VK;selection of clips on the quality, date added or playback duration;Free download content on their mobile device;ease of use.

All fans use a standard player on your smartphone certainly we will be satisfied, because the program does not provide additional installation of Flash Player, the native player of suitable tablet or mobile phone.

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