VKontakte Kate Mobile

VKontakte Kate Mobile
OS: Android 1.6
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online, widget

Kate Mobile - Android-app that makes social network VKontakte inordinately more convenient.Jobs VK becomes faster, less error is allowed.With Kate Mobile you always online!

If the application is for hours, inevitably a desire to adjust something to fit your needs.Setting range VC is high, but does not meet the needs of millions of individuals.Now, with KeytMobayl, smartphone - its unique VKontakte.

Some possibilities:

Changing themes.Available light, dark, black, pink.Just scalable font size.You have multiple accounts?With KM while working under any nicknames.Started can with SD-card.Anonymous Logon.You are invisible to the network.

This fraction opportunities that are relevant to everyone.Interesting and other options.The voice message is attached to the wall of a friend.Audio can be rewound to the player closed screen displays track buffering convenient. Can sort album images.Do not send a link to a photo, and in fact, the photo.Change avatar.Synchronize contacts, edit subscriptions, visit the subscribers.

Pass "dark", almost without communication, the territory?Disabling receive graphics, work with the text! Message is not gone and disappeared from the list?More messendzh persists, repeat sending! Official team is the social network to catch up in terms of service - Kate Mobile comes!

Download Programs VKontakte Kate Mobile on android for free

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