VK App

VK App
OS: Android 2.0
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online, widget

VK APP - a convenient and rapid custom application that can follow the news, shares photos and post to popular social network VKontakte.Of course, the most important is for the user to be aware of what is happening 24 hours a day, this unpretentious tool, ideal for the above operations.

Program is specially designed mobile client for smartphones running on the Android operating system.It supports all the features available in the corresponding client operating in the intern browser, but its speed is superior to its predecessor in several times.Just one easy click opens and before the user full access to his personal page.

For convenience, the desktop is installed an additional widget that quickly informs about all the events taking place on the page.The main advantages of the utility over their competitors is:

- optimized synchronization of contacts, which allows to combine entries phonebook with friends on the network

- the main menu is available service "My Bookmarks" which can be added the necessary information

- have the option of showing the extendedinformation on the communities and people who want to be your friend

graphical solution does not differ from the official version of the product, your gaze given blue and white colors.The program is installed on smartphones without difficulty, target audience 7+, you can install option "Parental Control".

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