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VC Magazine
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

App allows you to view more than 300 communities VC categorized without authorization, is now available on Android! Journal VC for FaceBook - a community aggregator, which provides a huge collection of communities and their categories to suit all tastes, is available without authorization also able to share any account, not only in vk, and send it via email or sms!

After authorization in the application via VKontakte, the user is able to select in the community news feed from your account! Journal WD - a unique delivery method of articles on various subjects to the user in one place!Without authorization, the user has the ability to send your favorite article in the "Favorites" and at any time have access to it.

Particular attention is paid to content, applications and selection of communities under the category of articles.Content applications are constantly updated and added to.

Browse community without authorization!More than 300 communities are divided into categories, information on any taste!All entries are displayed in the form of a news feed with images - an incredibly stylish visualization community news feed!Login, and read posts communities their account!We share the articles with friends via VC, email or sms!VC magazine leaves the user "invisible" network

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