Taxsee Driver

Taxsee Driver
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other

Taxsee Driver - application on Android, which is a helper for the taxi drivers.The application uses cutting-edge technology in the field of mobile applications, and contains a number of functions related to the work of drivers, which in turn will significantly improve and facilitate their work.With this application, you will be able to communicate with their colleagues chatting, accepting applications, mark the time take you to the place of arrival to the customer and much, much more.Use!

application functions:
  • Output shift and automatic transfer for GPS
  • Auto Logout replaced by GPS when you request an application
  • Enable Auto Assign Filter on applications in the area of ​​destination
  • Confirmation and cancellation request application
  • Extending time of arrival at thecustomer
  • communication with the client by phone
  • mandrel message to the operator or telephone contact
  • Editing route and application surcharges
  • on and completion of the customer's expectations in the performance of the application
  • Getting nearby locations list when the application for GPS
  • coordinates lists Preparationapplications in zones, current and prior
  • Setting order zones
  • list Chat drivers
  • Browse ads from administration
  • Transfer funds callsign

Adjustable parameters:
  • Permanent lights
  • Active use of GPS
  • Night Thread( also switches the button in the main window)
  • position of the tabs and the order of the list of areas for landscape
  • screen Additional buttons action in the main window
  • Displays the current balance in all windows
  • text Size
  • audio output, volume and melody sound notifications
  • Copying text, circulation and lighting posts chatting drivers
  • Hardware acceleration
  • and other

RSOptions open the menu.

Russian language: yes

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