Super Parallax 3D Pro LWP

Super Parallax 3D Pro LWP
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Live Wallpaper
Tags: wallpaper

Super Parallax 3D Pro LWP - great wallpaper for your android device from CodeFaqtory developer with a nice set of 3D multi-layer parallax scenes such as Iron Man, White Bear, Little Miss Artist, Death Star, anger, Rio, and many others, will give the screen of your deviceunique appearance.

  • very smooth and responsive gyro( accelerometer) controls the multi-layered parallax wallpaper
  • Self-leveling algorithm centering
  • Adjustable motion parameters to improve 3D-effect
  • Mode-Cinema - for a full, cinematic animation scenes
  • more animation effects(for example, motors and snow) on the layers to give more "depth" in the scene
  • Battery / performance optimized to work with a limited frame rate
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics hardware optimizer

Russian language:.. no

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