Sounds to Viber

Sounds to Viber
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: cool

Sounds for Viber - a new program for the Android system that will help make your communication with friends and colleagues more vivid and unusual.This is not a plug-in to Vayberu, as a standalone application.

Viber like instant messengers and social networking is already firmly entrenched in today's "pantheon" sotsialok.His way or another, the majority of users use the Android system.The product allows obmenitvatsya messages, create groups and burst data, Although not very rich functionality, it is very popular and in demand among mobile gadget users.

Program «Sounds for Viber» will slightly extend the functionality of the original application.Often, during the conversation, there comes a time when a particular sound better able to convey feelings and emotions than a message - that in this moment, and this is useful to the program.

With just one click, you can select the sound and send it to the recipient via email or Vayber.A rich palette of solutions and a nice interface will not leave users cold.

Available mass of sounds, conveniently divided into categories:


Installation is easy and carried out a program "in one click".If you are actively using Vayber or email, then this app is useful, because it allows you to quickly and unusual to diversify their communication.

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