Sleep Better with Runtastic

Sleep Better with Runtastic
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Other

Sleep Better with Runtastic - wonderful Service by Developer Runtastic, thanks to which you will find an optimal time to maximize the possibility of full night's sleep and feel refreshed all day long!This application allows you to keep a diary of dreams, to track the phase of the moon, and much more.Enjoy your vacation and vivid dreams with the Sleep Better with Runtastic.

  • Track duration of sleep cycles and effectiveness by simply pressing
  • buttons Use all monitoring functions, even in airplane mode, simply by placing the device on your bed( next to the pillow)
  • Better understanding of your light sleep, deep sleepand time spent not in a dream( when falling asleep or waking up in the morning)
  • Use Smart alarm, to wake up at the perfect time in the time interval you selected
  • Enjoy a variety of the alarm sound and snooze functionality for a perfect start to the day
  • Enter daily habits andvariables such as consumption of caffeine, exercise, alcohol consumption and stress levels to determine the influence of these variables on the quality of sleep
  • Track the phases of the moon
  • Keep a dream diary, to learn about the more likely you are dreaming, and the percentage of good, bad andneutral dreams
  • Celebrate your mood each time waking - is part of your daily statistics
  • looked story - your personal journal - in a clean and modern design applications, including daily statistics and surveys over long periods of time( ie,selected week or month)
  • Filter history, taking into account variable daily to determine when you sleep best

Russian language: yes

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