OS: Android 2.0
Category: Sport

Shooter - a ballistic calculator to calculate the trajectory of a bullet( rifle or pneumatic). Enter the parameters, press the "Calculate"!and you'll get vertical and horizontal adjustments to the optical sight.

In addition, you can choose the reticle( net) from the list and see the vertical and horizontal adjustment for shooting removal.You can send e-mail and the image grid and ballistic table.
MIL and MRAD - are one and the same!

All new functions and new grid will be added in the sight of my new toll Shooter + program.Already, you can see the shooter + new function grid scale under your sight variable multiplicity( if the grid in the second focal plane).Also, there are lots of new grids and her 10 guns( 10 rounds per rifle).
This free version, stops in its development.

Supported nets:
NP-R2( Nightforce),
TMR( Leupold),
NP-R1( Nightforce),
Ballistic Mildot( Burris),
XTR Ballistic Mildot( Burris),
MLR( Nightforce),
SPR( Leupold),
4D( C2.5-10x50 Kahles),
4D( C3-12x56 Kahles),
Ballistic Plex( Burris),
BDC Standart( Nikon),
LR Duplex( Leupold),
BDC 600( Nikon),
EBR-1 MOA( Vortex),
Mil-DotBar( Millet),
P4L( Schmidt & Bender),
MTR-1( March),
BR( Swarovski),
PSO-1( Russia),
BDC Predator( Nikon),
Ballistic( Bushnell),
MP-8 Dot( IOR),
Gen 2 MilDot( Premier Reticles),
Varmint Hunter's( Leupold),
Accu-Range( Redfield),
Cabelas Alaskan Guide,
EBR-1 MRAD( Vortex),
Dead-Hold BDC( Vortex),
MP20( Falcon),
Enhanced Mildot( Falcon),
Rapid Z 1000( Zeiss),
Mil-DotBar 1Mil( Millet),
Smart Reticle( Simmons),
NP-1RR( Nightforce),
6-dots MilDot( CenterPoint),
Rapid Z 5( Zeiss),
TDS-4( Swarovski),
Boone and Crockett( Leupold),
Ballistic Reticle( Leica),
Rapid Z 7( Zeiss),
9-dots MilDot( CenterPoint)
Gen 2 XR( Premier Reticles)
LV5 Velocity 1000( Nightforce)
MSR( MakSnipe),
BDA( 2.5-10x48 Docter),
BDA( 3-12x56 Docter),
LRMOA( 6.5-24x50 Sightron),
LRX( Nikko Stirling),
SS1-4 Donut( SWFA),
618-V2( Shepherd),
Mil-Quad( SWFA),
NP-2DD( Nightforce),
Rapid Z 600( Zeiss),
MCZ( Delta),
Ballistic CQ 5.56( Burris),
EMDR( Weaver),
EBR-1 MOA s1( 6-24x50 Vortex),
Mil-Scale GAP( US Optic),
BRX / BRH( Swarovski),
XTR Ballistic 5.56( Burris),
XTR Ballistic 7.62( Burris),
Rapid Z 800( Zeiss),
TMCQ MOA(Vortex),
DOA 600( Bushnell),
Dead-Hold BDC hashes( Vortex),
TMCQ MRAD( Vortex),
ML16( Falcon),
CMR( Hi-Lux / Leatherwood),
LP20( Falcon),
K-5.56( Meopta),
Ballistic Plex( 2X-7X Burris),
Ballistic Plex( 3X-12X Burris),
NP-1RR( Nightforce),
SA.BR( Leupold),
EBX( Weaver),
SCB( MTC Optics),
A8 Varmint( Schmidt & Bender),
H-25( Horus Vision),
BDC 200, Nikon,
BDC 150, Nikon,
BDC 05-001, Minox,
LRV Duplex, Leupold,
EBR-1 MRAD s1, 6x-24x Vortex,
BRT, Swarovski,
Range Finder, NcStar,
RangeFinder, Barska,
Rapid Z Varmint, Zeiss,
BDC 05-001, Minox( at 10x),
MilDot( USArmy),
EBR-2B MRAD, Vortex,
RF, Lynx( LX2 3.5-10x50),
MOA-ER, Premier Reticles,
HV Velocity 1000, Nightforce,
BDC 05-112, Minox( at 9x),
LV Velocity 600, Nightforce,
Contender, BSA,
Contender Mil-Dot, BSA,
MV Velocity 600, Nightforce,
MP-8 Dot Modified, IOR,
Range Finder, Osprey,
ART, Holland,
WBDC, Alpen,
H-37, Horus Vision,
TBX, Weaver,
EBR-1 MOA, 2.5x-10x Vortex,
H-70, Horus Vision,
H-58, Horus Vision,
MP-8 Xtreme, IOR,
EPB MILS, Wotac,
EPB MOA, Wotac,
AMD, MTC Optics,
Precision Plex, Pentax,
Ballistic Plex, 3.5-10x Burris,
Velocity 1000 UHV, Nightforce,
FML-1,3x-24x42, March,
FML-1, 5x-40x56, March,
MSR, Schmidt & Bender,
MOAR, Nightforce,
Brabant-20, Falcon,
EBR-1 MRAD, 2.5-10 Vortex,
Rapid Reticle 22-1, PFI,
4A-300, Swarovski,
Chevron, Trijicon,
POSP 8x42, Russia,
Firedot, Leupold,
G2DMR( Bushell)

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