Root Cleaner

Root Cleaner
OS: Android 3.0
Category: System

Root Cleaner - hold fast memory scrubbing, cache files and android devices in the system as a whole.All you have to do - is to have root-user rights.It is worth mentioning that the total cleaning requires reboot, and quick cleaning of memory, cache files, and so forth., Respectively, it is not required.Also you have the possibility to use as a Root Cleaner Application Manager: remove, clean the data, freeze / thaw system and user applications.

  • Quick Clean
  • Clear Memory( optional)
  • Clearing cache
  • Restart interface( optional)
  • Removing useless folders from the SD-card( optional)
  • Complete cleaning
  • Clearing cache
  • CleaningDalvik-cache
  • battery calibration( optional)
  • Deleting unnecessary files from the folder init.d
  • permission Fixing
  • Removing useless folders from SD-card( optional)
  • app Manager( system and user application)
  • Removal
  • Cleaning
  • data Freezing
  • Information
  • Shared memory
  • internal, external drives
  • All folders and all empty folders on the internal memory
  • All the files on the internal memory
  • Read cache
  • Sections data, System, cache

Russian language: yes

- Added Polish language
- Fixed
- Fixed bugs

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