Rambler mail

Rambler mail
OS: Android 2.1
Tags: online

Rambler.Pochta - excellent mailbox on any android-gadget.Visually program is simple, concise and rigorous style.No extra windows, arrows, inscriptions - all clearly and uniformly.This style will look great in any interface, but is particularly suited to business people and businessmen for whom e-mail is mainly working communication.

Common functional, it pleases the ability to create rules and sort messages.Folders for e-mail standard, nothing extraordinary, developers have not created - a high-quality and easy client. Would like to mention that it is possible to use not only an account Rambler, but the other, they supported more.This allows you to conveniently store all your emails in one place and not to use different clients.In most progressive feature of this type to use multiple boxes just terrible - not about any comfort of use can not be considered.In Rambler.Mail able to bring this opportunity to the ideal, it is really a pleasure to use.

Naturally present Push notifications and many other small "buns".Spam protection is quite effective( even strange) and really good screens mailbox from advertising heresy, which is periodically sent from a variety of sources.


interesting and stylish interface;Weight functions;Easy management of correspondence;Easy to install and configure;The possibility of combining multiple accounts;High speed and excellent stability.

This program can be safely recommend to anyone looking for a simple and at the same time functional work tool for their correspondence.His ability to fully cover the needs of the average user and allow the email to be what they are - a tool for work and business correspondences.

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