Press swing

Press swing
OS: Android 1.6
Category: Sport

Like to have a nice pumped up press?With this app, press to reach their dreams will not be difficult, unless of course you will not be lazy.

Application contains the following materials:
How to swing a press cubes
Home exercises for the upper abdominal muscles,
Training lower cubes press
Exercise for inflating the upper and lower blocks press
Twisting the press,
oblique twist to the press,
Reverse Crunch( lower press)
Ups knees in the vise( lower abs)
leg lifts in the vise( bottom press),
twisting the Roman chair
twisting on the bench with a slope down
Curl in block simulator on your lap(top of the press),
Effective exercises for blocks drawing press
Turns body on an incline bench with a dumbbell( oblique abdominal muscles),
Downloading abdominal muscles.The "QUICK PRESS".

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