PlayerPro Music Player Trial

PlayerPro Music Player Trial
OS: Android 2.0
Tags: widget

PlayerPro Music Player Trial - probably the best music player for devices on the OSes "Android". Appearance player is able to impress even the most demanding audiophiles.The combination of dark green shell and key charms, all the buttons are adequately sized and conveniently located.Just a dream.

Also on product appearance can be freely "magic."Directly from the program, or in the store you can find a lot of skins for the different colors and themes.When you select should pay attention to the version of the product, because the player and their number is rapidly developing, so outdated shell may not be appropriate. For setting PleerPro Trial can spend more than one hour.So many opportunities for "adjustment" under itself and the incredible flexibility of custom values ​​can be found except in expensive high-end products for a couple of dozen "evergreen".

Easy sorting tracks allows you to display on the screen albums, genres, songs, artists, and even a lot of things.In the arsenal there are several customizable widgets and your lock screen, which can also be easily customized by the user if desired. Sound quality is good.For its true connoisseurs can improve dozagruzit plugin directly from the program window.With him sound settings becomes more and set up the perfect sound is not difficult.By the way, uncompressed formats are supported.

Player can control virtually any headset, the standard Nokievskih ears to Air Pods. Trial version and lasts about a month.Further, when the player is turned on the user sees a window to buy. .. But it does not prevent the use.Even after another couple of months of work in addition to this window, which is closed by pressing a button, there is no restrictions.Most likely this is a bug, but very useful.


Excellent sound quality;Several huge settings page;Equalizer, Visualizer and plug-ins;Easy Library;Elementary installation;Low weight;russified;Instant start;Expanding opportunities of customization.Lock screen and widgets.

Users are strongly recommended to clean the library completely and fill it anew every month.After this period, the application can start to slow down( in the interface) and upgrade tracks helps to solve this problem. Searched for the perfect product for your favorite music?Here he is in front of you!

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