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parking School
OS: Android 2.2
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simulator( simulator) parking and maneuvering in confined spaces.

For a start it would be desirable to focus attention on the main advantages of the simulator, making it a very effective tool:
- The cornerstone of this simulator is not a "movement" and "movement trajectory": in fact it is the editor of the trajectory with thoughtful construction and subsequent analysis.
- Ability to upload your own schemes for training( including drawn "by hand") - will allow to solve the most intricate problems.

For training are available 4 basic exercises on the circuit( the site): parallel parking, check-in box( garage) reversing, turning in a confined space, "Snake."

Essence of any simulator - to provide an opportunity to repeatedly perform some typical steps for generating reflex skills.This simulator gives you the opportunity not only to bring to the automaticity correct execution of the action, but including gain invaluable experience failures( without any physical and material consequences).The accumulated and systematized data is used for the rapid assessment of the current situation and make the best decision.

Parking simulator is implemented as an editor of the path of movement and works on the following principle:
Remove the wheel, set the right gear - moving in a given direction. ..
change the transmission, twisted wheel - move on. ..
We reached the goal -stop.

Thus, the trajectory is divided into sectors, characterized by the same parameters of movement( direction, steering position). Changing the motion parameters at the current point by using the steering wheel buttons and change the direction of travel( bottom left corner).

Movement path is carried out by the navigation Jog-dial element( lower right corner).If you perceive the path motion as video, the Jog-dial provides a step by step video playback as a forward( clockwise rotation) and backward( counter-clockwise).The rapid rotation of the Jog-dial equivalent rewind, slow rotation will allow thoughtful view the crucial moment or precisely position the car in the right place on the track.

The simulator is not the usual gas and brake buttons, instead of changing parameters in the edit point occurs instant calculation and display the updated trajectory.Thus, a user who has not yet started the movement, has the ability to analyze the dynamics of the relationship of the future position of the car on the steering angle, which greatly increases the efficiency of storage and processing of statistical data needed to develop the necessary skills.

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