Our Films

Our Films
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Entertainment
Tags: online

Nashe Kino - a large collection of cult Soviet movies on your tablet or smartphone.

Application provides genres of films, as well as easy to navigate:
- the opportunity to choose a film for timeshifting
- a detailed description of each film
- convenient breakdown of serial movie
- Automatic update of the movie database films

service is absolutely free,and a huge selection of films will please every generation of viewers:

three Musketeers
Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Elusive Avengers
amphibian Man
Love and doves
Moscow Does not believe in tears
Station for two
Office romance
Twelve Chairs
Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia
Golden Calf
Beware of the Car Garage

Mister Designer
Seventeen Moments of Spring
Meeting Place Can not Be Changed
Guest from the Future
In search of Captain Grant
and many other remarkable films

Download Programs Our Films on android for free

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