Ocean LWP

Ocean LWP
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Live Wallpaper
Tags: hd

What we

the depths of space, if the thickness of the ocean virtually unexplored!Let us study the salty Vod and their inhabitants, without releasing the tablet from the hands.The app will show the ocean bottom, and landscape and amazing sea creatures.Fish like?A shark?Run the toothed let anyone touch your smartphone into a mobile ocean!

What influences people more than an aquarium?A large aquarium, the whole ocean!Clown fish and coral reef, starfish and sea anemones, and all living things, all the moves! Feel Poseidon, knock on the screen: shark understand who's boss.How beautiful shining bubbles.Add shine, tapping the screen - there are more bubbles! Optimally enjoy the scenery in a horizontal orientation.

Mighty tides bring all new inhabitants depths, spinning kaleidoscope of wonderful fish and sea stars.So everything is realistic, that the chair is about pokachnёtsya under the pressure of underwater excitement!

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