NRG Player - Music Player

NRG Player - Music Player
OS: Android 2.0
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NRG Player - beautiful music player with a convenient music playback, equalizer, working with folders( directories) and changeable interface. This 10-day trial version that you can download for free.

Main features

• Supports popular formats
Listen to music in popular formats: MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MIDI, AAC, AAC +, 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MP4, M4A, OTA

• Support lossless formats( FLAC, ALAC, APE and others).
Listen to music in formats without losing quality, which until now were not supported by your device.

• Graphic equalizer with presets Choose
predefined presets( Headphones, Rock, Bass, Classic, Club, Concert, Pop, Techno) or create your own and save them.

• Sound effects( bass boost, treble gain, total preduselenie)
more fine-tuning the sound, allowing to achieve the maximum quality of your headphones.

• Customize the color scheme interface
Change interface colors the mood, the weather, or under their own style.Get pleasure not only from the music but from the player interface.Express yourself!

• Cloud service for searching, storing and listening to music composition
Listen to your account at, or by searching, access to songs other users.You can load your music collection on the server.

• Playback of folders and media
library Navigate through 5 categories: files, songs, albums, artists, cloud storage and give out directory, files, songs or entire albums from the list, and then the touch, add everything in place to play.No more boundaries between media library and file system.

• Widgets for Desktop
Listen to music directly from your desktop to your device.3 widget you are available: 4x1, 4X2, 4x3.The color of the widget can also be changed, so that they blend with the wallpaper.

• Screen Blocker
access functionality of the player immediately after turning on the screen.No extra action - one click and you're in control of your music.

• Headset support Support one-touch
mnogopochnyh and headsets.Control music without taking the device out of his pocket.

• Editing id3 tags
order not to mess with each song individually, you can edit entire albums and artists.Changes will be recorded in each track automatically.

• Works on Android 2.0 and above
NRG Player - is a music player that runs on the broadest device circle: from the cheapest budget phone, and 10-inch tablets

• Sleep Timer
Listen to your favorite songs on the nightand do not worry that the music will play all night, landing the battery.Set the sleep timer on the right time and the player will automatically turn off.

• Rating System rating
Expose compositions and listen to only the favorites;

• Customizable background
With this function, you have complete control over the colors in the player.Change the old gray color to the color of the wood, jeans or any of your image.

• Support messages from Google Navigator
Listen to your favorite music with Google Navigator.You can not turn off the player, not to miss the message.NRG Player automatically pause and resume playback after them.

• Support for Sony SmartWatch devices
Use Sony SmartWatch device to control NRG Player.The application for Sony SmartWatch will change their color to match the color scheme of the player.

Download Programs NRG Player - Music Player on android for free

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