Notifications Vkontakte

Notifications Vkontakte
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

Alert FaceBook - a convenient and easy program for Android devices.With it, the user will always be vkurse the latest updates and news from your favorite social sphere VC. Prog intuitive and pleasing to the eye.Appearance posts has common features with classic android notification system, but differs in the increased quality of performance and more original appearance.By the appearance of the animation and the sound is also no complaints.

App has a lot of nastraevaemyh parameters, which allows very clearly specify options displayed information.The notifications will be exactly what you want to see - easily add news only certain groups and communities.Such functionality will be especially useful in the prize draws, communities with discounts, or any other, where the speed of response to new information is extremely important.

Possible to set a clear time range updates - now has no chance to wake up late at night from next news VC.The refresh rate is also regulated flexibly.

Features Vkontakte alert:

Instant notification;High-quality and reliable work;Flexible settings for maximum impact;Easy and intuitive appearance;The unit installation.

Can say that the application is worthwhile and perfectly complements the functionality of applications for access to the most famous social sphere Runet.With this program, the Old miss important is simply impossible - the user will always be aware of the interest of his events.«Mast have» for all VC active users.

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