neXt Launcher 3D

neXt Launcher 3D
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Interface
Tags: launchers

Next Launcher 3D - a cool shell for your android device.Perfectly executed design, 3D elements, unreal effects of great opportunities and so much more hilarious by GO Launcher Dev Team Developer.

  • Quick work with screens: adding various child elements on the screen including icons, folders, and widgets.All this supports changing the wallpaper, and soon the
  • rotating panel: move up and down panel allows you to quickly switch between screens and edit them.
  • Beautiful scrolling effects: amazing drawing application list scrolling effects pleasure
  • powerful application manager: icons can be sorted alphabetically, by time, grouped into folders with the rendering of overlapping icons.It is also possible to work with several application, such as a package to add icons to the desktop
  • Unlimited Desktops place the icons and widgets randomly which forms your workspace
  • Fancy 3D widgets: 3D widgets that are based on neXt Launcher is not overaround the corner!
  • various operations with icons: you can now rotate the icons, clear, select, align, and that's not all.Operations are simple and fantastic.
  • stereographic preview screen: looped screen effects, dazzling animation to switch between screens, as well as their addition and removal

Russian language: no

- Improved support for Android 5.0
- Change the font
- Many bug fixes
- Added widget
- Optimization
- New topics
- Fixed bugs

Download Embellishments neXt Launcher 3D on android for free

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