Nebula Composer

Nebula Composer
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Graphic Arts

Do you dream of becoming an artist, able to create fantasy worlds?With Nebula Composer it is easy to implement.

Nebula composer - a unique graphical tool that allows you to draw a fascinating picture of space nebulas.You do not paint colors, but like most "stellar matter", gas flows, flashing under your touch.Mix colors intertwined flows extinguish one by a regime "dark matter" and kindle new ones.

However, only one cosmic nebulae is not all: there are in your disposal is a set of different presets, from the fire and spray of fireworks to the clouds.Especially advanced can benefit from fine-tuning, and create your own style.

If you get tired of paint mist, try our new drawing mode( selected from the application menu) - Basis.You can select a picture or photo that will be the basis of the future picture.Simply select any image from your gallery, as well as the processing method, start painting and see what happens.For the first experiments, we recommend to choose the contrast image and the first preset.What happens - see our screenshots.

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