OS: Android 2.3
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MultiGO FUEL - great app from the developer ElectroUnion ltd, which will be very useful for terrestrial mode of transport drivers..MultiGO is a daily updated database of gas stations data.Here you can find the nearest gas station, read the reviews about it, read the prices as gasoline and diesel fuel, gas.Feel free to hit the road beforehand by downloading and installing the application.

  • accuracy and completeness of data on gas stations and prices of petrol, diesel and gas.The application uses a color indication of favorable prices for each of the dressings based on the analysis of prices around you.
  • Any registered user can participate in the monitoring of fuel prices, add new filling stations or filling stations to report on these developments.Also, for each station it has the opportunity to leave a comment on the quality of service or gasoline.
  • gas stations can be viewed on a map or list.You can configure various filtering: by type of fuel, according to the gas station brand, the type of the received fuel cards, etc.
  • application allows you to search for gas stations with respect to any address.Now you can easily navigate the range of prices for gasoline in any city or help out a friend who empty the tank in an unfamiliar place.
  • application allows you to transfer the route to any gas station in the navigation application on your device, which you are accustomed to use for navigation.
  • C using the "I am here" you can transfer your contact information by SMS or email.
  • call a tow truck to help anywhere!

Russian language: yes

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