Messenger for VKontakte

Messenger for VKontakte
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

Messenger for VKontakte - new opportunities to communicate with your friends! Staying in touch - one of the easiest and fastest way to transmit messages to each other during their stay Vkontakte.Version "VK Messenger" specially designed for a given social network.

Attention users are offered an application which will help them to register with the network, read conversations, participate in correspondence and even create a group chat, check your friends list in online mode, to attach multimedia files in correspondence with his friend andsend them to him, to find new friends and acquaintances.

One of the major advantages of this design is that the smartphone user, if desired, can be in the so-called "unknown" mode.This means that you, being in touch « Messenger», on-line is not visible to everyone.

Fans of every innovation, install the Android system, it will be interesting to feel the speed of instant text messages, pictures, audio and video recordings.At the same time we should not forget that a lot depends on the Internet connection on your device.

Disappointment may be the fact that sometimes the latest updates for any special technical reasons, do not want to be updated, and the error appears on the screen.Also, too much placed around the desired instant messaging and unnecessary advertising.

Sometimes you can become confused, where a new message, and where advertising is one window hangs above the other.Only after a complete restart all the problem points disappear. Updates in the program is downloaded to a separate folder manually cache memory of the smartphone.To find it, and then open, you must first go to their last boot device.

Still do not know how to instantly send an urgent message?Go to your profile in the application, locate the friend you want to write and send the message by pressing a special button "send a message", which is just in front of your eyes.

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