OS: Android 2.1
Category: Sport

MATCH!CLUB - an interactive application for all fans of watching sports events for the TV screen.Only for Android devices. Framed prog simple but tasteful.Special tricks can not expect from the developers, but you can use the application.Navigation is quite clear - it is difficult to get lost.User offer interactive software that can be used together with the same channel "Match TV".With it, even with a normal TV appears to interact with the process on the screen.

The point is that during the broadcast of sports events via mobile prog, the viewer can respond to various questions, make predictions on the result and get a prize.For each correct answer, and the forecast for accrued points.Those who are more likely( on the basis of sporting events) and receives a prize. Yet another big plus - here collected and announcements of broadcasts, their time.Follow the world of sport becomes very convenient. Optimization is not the best quality, sometimes skips the true signs of "damp" application, but these shortcomings quite small and insignificant.


great idea;Mediocre design;Event announcements;Prizes and gifts;The ability to pump their skills;Average optimization;It works only in conjunction with the same channel.

Match!Club is exactly what you need if you are an avid fan of football, Hoke or any other sports.With this prog easy to miss the long-awaited broadcast, you can get valuable prizes and learn more about their favorite teams - what could be better?

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14 Mar5230


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