Lost Chapters HD

Lost Chapters HD
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Lost Chapters HD - AMAZING quest game, which tells about the events of the prehistory of the game LOST ISLAND!The research team is sent to a lost island in the ocean in search of ancient artifacts, and completely unaware of the danger waiting for them!

• ORGANIZE DIG!Every meter of the island is able to bestow upon you the treasures.Enough power to carry!

• develops a laboratory!No studies have been an expedition.New technologies - way to success!

• Exciting TERRITORY!The locals are willing to share the land in exchange for help in the battle with the monsters!


• Get free diamonds for job Tapjoy
• Walk to visit friends and get paid for it resources
• Use promo codes friends and collect the reward
• Meet with the help of Facebook and Google Play
• Share the achievements and participateChallenge

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