Lightbot - Programming Puzzles

Lightbot - educational game, its purpose is to familiarize players with the basics of programming and a set of simple commands, upon which the entire process of development of computer programs.Locations are created in the form of a beautifully painted with a variety of bulk drawings on the landscape complexity.Players will need to help the robot to reach the darling of his point position to the yellow square.To do this, from the presented list of actions to create the correct sequence.The movement, turns, jumps, and other teams will be at your disposal.
Gradually, the task will be complicated and going through all 50 levels, people will already clearly familiar with the fact that it represents the work to create a variety of applications.
Lightbot has all the properties of a great product.It is not only a fun developing the game, but gives gamers only positive emotions from gameplay.Besides the adventure of the hero will appeal not only to primary school age, but also much more mature people.

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