Laykolov for VKontakte

Laykolov for VKontakte
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online, cool

Laykolov for VKontakte - a unique application that allows you to monitor the activity of friends in the most popular social network in Russia.Find like-minded people, learn about the bow, of friends, and will also receive an assessment and opinion of the closest of publications that are on your personal page.Publish new entries and photos, receiving in return the gratitude of new fans directly to a personal gadget with Android operating system.


1. Simplified system of determining the most popular photographs of the full user record.

2. Availability of information about grades, which make friends with respect to other users of social networks

3. The system makes it easy and affordable to calculate the activity of the closest friends on VK expanses.Marking activity observed percentages and the change in position in the ranking - the indicator color:

· Green - increase.

· Red - decrease.

Laykolov for VKontakte android would be most useful for fans of virtual communication via social networks.The program will effectively and easily identify the importance and usefulness of the publication, which appeared on the home page.

Download Programs Laykolov for VKontakte on android for free

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