Kate Mobile MOD

Kate Mobile MOD
OS: Android 2.0
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online, widget

Kate Mobile MOD for Android - an application that is designed for users of one of the most popular social networks - VKontakte.It makes communication with friends, the exchange of information is even more convenient and enjoyable.In contrast to the official version of the VC application, Kate Mobile is more functional, nimble and has a large arsenal of settings.

Main "highlights" application:

have different design and theme;at the same time have access to work with several accounts, switching between them;the ability to leave voice comments;simple and intuitive search;the possibility of replacing the avatar;"Transparent" theme;You can adjust the font.

Members of all ages socialize through this client with friends, reading news, watching videos and pictures that are placed in the social network.Kate Mobile MOD for Android is absolutely useless to people who are not on the VC soul.

Installation is performed in the same way as the installation of official applications: on a smartphone or tablet and upload a file enter the required credentials.

Have users often experience the following

questions Is it possible to add users to the black list?

- Yeah, going on his page, click on the appropriate button.

Not working for me widget.Why?

- This problem usually occurs when the tool is installed on an SD card.You just have to move it to the device memory, and the problem will disappear.

Download Programs Kate Mobile MOD on android for free

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