OS: Android 1.5
Category: Telephone Part

Intercomm - an interesting application for Android users Runbo X5-W, Runbo X3 phone, Runbo X5-King from the developer Neiron, allowing you to select the radio frequency, as well as the tone for the reception and transmission.It should be noted that for this program, you will need to have root user rights.

  • default channels( already clogged) - PMR 1..8, LPD 01. .. 69
  • to work you need a device /dev/ Intercom_A1840
  • Scanning is activated by long pressing.
  • is disabled by pressing the frequency( the frequency of the input field)
  • with Speaker button: switches the speaker and headset - when the headset is not just the sound of the radio is disabled.
  • screen made only portrait - that there is less glitches.
  • radio settings are set when the power is on( power button in the header and a corresponding icon)
  • And more

Russian language: yes

Download Programs Intercomm on android for free

12 Mar22470


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