the story during the study of the Higgs boson mysterious energy was accidentally discovered.The discovery promises incredible opportunities.And of course, all divided into two camps - ardent opponents of the use of the substance and those who want to bring humanity to a new stage of development regardless of any victim.
Ingress - is a cross-media project reminiscent of his other odnozhanrovyh tribesmen, but with a few differences.
game using geo-data players( devotees of conspiracy theories, paranoid and just strongly impressionable - please refrain) transforms the surrounding landscape in the scenery in the spirit of Hollywood sci-fi movie.The app on the phone prompts and point the way to a certain point, the so-called portals.Arriving to which with the help of the mini-games get bonuses in the form of artifacts.Ingress
already looks very promising project can turn into a real cult product with proper development.

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