GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories - One of the few games, of which there is much to tell.Probably each of us played GTA one version or another.As always, the developers offer you a large open world, the sea of ​​arms and ammunition.You'll play as Tony, the former "soldier" mafia family Leone.You come to Liberty City and you know that the city is plagued by corruption and soldiers between clans that are literally tearing the city apart.You have to return the former glory and influence of the family Leone.But this would be quite difficult.On your way will not only thugs, killers and corrupt officials, but also a mother!Are you ready to go back to familiar locations of the city?

  • High resolution textures and characters
  • Calculation of lighting and shadows in real time
  • Excellent graphics
  • support cross-platform saves
  • Ability to play with a joystick
  • Huge selection of weapons
  • interesting storyline and a large number ofminor tasks

Russian language: yes

- Fixed an issue where the game was closed at startup for some users.
- Fixed bugs

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Total: 1091
cache to the game GTA: Liberty City Stories: folder from the archive to unpack /sdcard/Android/obb/
- should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtalcs/
- decompressed cache size 1.85 GB
- install apk, run the game!

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