GTA: Chinatown Wars

GTA: Chinatown Wars - Port one of the most famous games from the Nintendo DS consoles by Rockstar Games company.The plot revolves around a character by the name of Huang Lee, who got into trouble.After the death of his father, who was the victim of an assassination attempt, he will keep them heirloom - an ancient sword.Now, the sword should be the next age in the family, namely Uncle Kenny.If the sword not pass, the family of Juan lose ownership of the triads.But it suddenly attack and take the relic.Now your character will have to return the stolen item, and prove to the town that your family deserves to control the Triad.

Russian language: no
Support for installation on an external SD card: No
Startup cache: no
Interenet: Not required

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Total: 605
Cash game to GTA: Chinatown Wars: folder from the archive to unpack /sdcard/Android/obb/
- should get so /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtactw/
- decompressed cache size 864 MB
- install apk, run the game!
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