Google Search

Google Search
OS: Android 2.1
Tags: online, widget

Google Assistant - an addition to the main program, created by developers for quick and easy way to find all the necessary information in the Internet space.Owners of smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system can use this application at any time.

If the user is not yet known about the existence of this innovation, the downloading any software in Google search engine, it will automatically give this application on your device.Will only chance to look in the folder where it abandoned the system.

Main advantages of Google Assistant:

quick search on the Internet resources;voice search and other functions compatible;personalization of results based on your location;Weather Card, situated directly on the screen;automatic analysis of the read information on the web pages;Cards travel on certain routes of different modes of transport and to specify the interesting places in your city.

Disadvantages and unwanted problems:

updated version does not work in all cities;it can restart the unit by yourself;voice does not always recognize or incorrectly recognizes what you're looking for in a search engine, which is why the app will give very different results.

Cache that stores information and stored in the corresponding folder Android-system will constantly change depending on how the user is to change various features of the application.Naturally, when this information will be either supplemented or removed from the cache.

How is a reminder of the time and place of a particular event?The notification will appear in the middle of the screen of the mobile device at the time you pre-set in the notice.

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