Flash Game Player (SWF Player)

Flash Game Player (SWF Player)
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Entertainment

Flash Game Player - in a series of necessary applications needed on the new android gadget.Anti-virus, browser, archiver, text editor in the cage of the "gentleman's set".Many popular device, program, expanded the scope of use or retrained due to successful implementation.The name emphasizes certainly GWF game specialty, but the tool is multifunctional, qualitatively diverse plays Flash content.

New SWF player will be the usual means of access to the local gaming collection, or to a network.Interface provokes universal application - for clips in a supported format.Popularity favor:

ergonomic tinctures, integrated web browser, flash grabber to a Web site to take content, virtual keyboard.

Increase speed can be obtained by asking a more "modest" requirements( see. Settings) quality.Placed on a page several flash drives, they should play independently - after downloading.

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