OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade

FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper.The number of fans of the game application for Android is huge and constantly growing.Sophisticated storyline, bright and colorful graphics, exciting gameplay focus, role-playing component distinguish the program Final Fantasy Record Keeper of similar applications.

Main character - a young man named Desi, love history and enjoy visiting classes Dr. Moha.Thanks to the knowledge and magic spells Desi manage to move in the picture and take part in the stories depicted in the paintings.Naturally, the character must pass a huge amount of testing and fight the crowds of enemies.

Application belongs to the genre of RPG and so it is traditionally present elements such as leveling system, various weapons, equipment items, magic spells.In the battle gain experience and then used to learning new abilities and skills.


expanded system capabilities and skills captivating gameplay of the original graphics and voice large number of improvements of weapons and magic Easy and intuitive

user interface optimized for tablet computers and tablets on Android.Directly from the touch screen, you can completely control the actions of the characters, perform the necessary adjustment.The process of installing the software is automated and does not require intervention gamer.

Application like fans of games "role" of the genre, players who love to play with the possibility of leveling characters, colorful and original graphics.Get together with Desi in the fantasy world and go through a lot of tests!

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