Facebook at Work

Facebook at Work
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

Facebook at Work - a client for compact working social sphere.Available for Android devices. Program is a special package, which is designed for corporate use.It virtually unchanged design of Facebook, its ergonomics and the ability to use within the organization.

Application is characterized by its focus.This is the same Facebook, only limited outside of your company.Ideal to learn the latest corporate news, social programs allows you to create a unique network of employees, which does not mix with the main activity on the social network.As the program is great help in organizing events and making collective decisions.

Use the service can only be by registering through their employer.Excellent protection - simply added to the enterprise network will not work.

Features: All the features of a large

Facebook;Cozy corporate social sphere inside another;Ideal for communication between peers in a small office or a large corporation;Accessing through the employer;Easy installation and setup.

Now many offices and companies are using email and Skype for internal communication.It's time to move on - with Facebook at Work is to be even easier and faster!The project is rapidly gaining popularity, and perhaps it is your company should join to this format of communication.

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