DVPic( demotivators)

DVPic( demotivators)
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Entertainment

Program to set the mood - shows demotivators and funny pictures with famous entertainment idaprikol.ru sites, demotivators.ru, inpic.ru and dimonvideo.ru.It is possible to view offline.

ATTENTION! !!Since many sites take pictures of each other, if the program includes all the sites, it is possible repetition of images, this is not a program error.

- widget with many new pictures
- support its themes
- viewing demotivators site idaprikol.ru
- viewing demotivators site demotivators.ru
- view images with fun dimonvideo.ru
- view images withinpic.ru
- the ability to disable the download of images from selected sites
- the total output of the tape
novelties - the ability to add pictures to favorites
- auto-loading of images on a schedule for offline viewing
- the ability to send pictures stored on a USB flash drive, to open external applications
-the ability to open a page with a picture comments on dimonvideo.ru
- customize the appearance of the window view pictures
- flipping fingers or volume buttons
- exit the application if there is no further images in the film novelties

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