Course of chins "0 to 30"

Course of chins "0 to 30"
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Sport
Tags: for boys

Pull-up course "0 to 30" - a program with which you will be able to rapidly develop its strength and muscles.This is your personal trainer for pull-ups.This course is designed for maximum pull-ups 50 pull-ups.Of course to achieve such results will have to work hard, but it's not a fantasy, but it is a real indicator.With our application organization your training will become much easier.

Most people pulled at least 10 times, and almost no one can catch more than 15 times.With our training, you can increase this result.Our program is designed to ensure that everyone can reach the level of a 30 pull-ups.And for those who are little and 50 pull-ups.Just follow the instructions and the application is already in a week you will feel the result.

- The app contains training courses for people with different skill levels - from 0 to 50.
- Convenient pull-up registration - click on the button after the exercise.
- Dimensions - you can see the current program, the total number of pull-ups done, your current level( the average maximum number of pull-ups on which you are capable of in the current program) and personal status and earned medals on the main page.
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