Cool Reader GL

Cool Reader GL
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Books

Cool Reader GL - a program for reading electronic books on Android.Its interface is designed in such a way as to create a comfortable reading on devices with a large expansion of the screen.It practically does not differ from similar e-readers, is what distinguishes its optimization for a wide screen with a resolution.


OpenGL rendering speeds;Accelerated downloading from online libraries;You can create bookmarks that include mode of reading aloud;You get access to dictionaries;You can create and delete bookmarks;adjust brightness, backlight, and screen adjustments are set according to your desire;creating and deleting folders.

To adjust the brightness necessary to hold down the page on the left side up or down, stay in the right place.If you want to highlight some text, then click on the word and swipe to select the whole sentence.This app will be useful for all fans to read, have devices based on Android.However, if you have such a way of spending time does not appeal, then download this tool is not necessary.

Installing Cool Reader GL latest version does not cause problems, however, if all the same it does not work, then you should go back to the old.


program falls, what to do?

Gather logs and report the problem to the developer applying the collected logs.

Can I install the new version with the old?

Yes, there is such a possibility.Even more, all your bookmarks are saved.

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16 Mar2210


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