ClearLock: block distractions!

ClearLock: block distractions!
OS: Android 4.1
Category: Other

Our smartphones are so many interesting things!Games, social networking, interesting books.It's fun, but terribly distracted by.You can, of course, hide, lock your smartphone, give the key a reliable person and do not touch the coveted gadget until the end of the work responsible.But the smart phone not only an irritant but faithful assistant, as without it?And then submitted an application to the rescue comes.Clear Lock allows you to lock your smartphone is not all, but only the applications you selected in the pre-specified term, it can vary from a few minutes up to three hours.If you need to block an application there, you can just reboot your smartphone.

The program is laconic "material" design and is very easy to operate

Russian language:. No

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