Cherry Chaser slot machines

Cherry Chaser slot machines
OS: Android 1.5
Category: Games Of Chance

This game is a slot machine pushing, Steppa-win, Stoppa-win, Win-spins and the special Cherry Chaser feature for big payouts!This fruit machine is feature packed and sure to keep you entertained.

- Pushes: Automatic nudge to nearest best win.
- StoppaWin: Choose your win, collect what you see or wait for a better win line.
- SteppaWin: Step down the reels in accordance with the reel that you choose.
- WinSpins: coil to keep spinning wins, and the machine keeps paying.
- Cherry Chaser: Chase the cherry from reel to reel in the big money payout.

Button gambling is skill based, not just a random win / lose event.This makes it more challenging and fun experience where your skill makes the difference.If you like one armed bandits or the pokies, you'll love this game.

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