Call of Mini Infinity / Call of Mini: Infinity

Call of Mini Infinity / Call of Mini: Infinity
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Call of Mini: Infinity - a great shooter for the Android system. Visual component is very similar to other projects mini series.Everything is made in the same style, but with an emphasis in space and futuristic themes.See this very nice, especially pleasing quality three-dimensional models and their behavior. Manage a bit unusual, but quite simple and clear.

The story begins with the fact that the Earth is flying meteor and humanity urgently need to escape to another planet.You - commander of the division, which was on this planet in order to create a base there and settlement.The trouble is that this is the land of the aliens want to take over and. .. will have to fight off all their attacks and grab the world by force. The game modes and plenty of excellent three-dimensional graphics.Available many units to choose from, the sea of ​​arms and ammunition.Gaming is very entertaining and exciting, the main thing - do not lose vigilance.

Well developed system upgrade.It applies to both weapons and ammunition, as well as skills and knowledge of men - they too become stronger. Can cooperate with friends in small clans in order to effectively deal with the strong bosses.Optimization is not bad, but it is understood that the three-dimensional shooter good load on the system due to its complexity.On the weak game of the device a bit difficult.

Features: Excellent

familiar graphics;The highest playability;Exciting plot;The mass of weapons and units;Spectacular fights;The possibility of cooperation;Upgrade;Simple operation;Not a bad optimization;Easy installation.

Just swing the Call of Mini Infinity and enjoy!Such quality and playability is difficult to find programs for modern mobile platforms, so we recommend not to miss!

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