OS: Android 2.2
Category: Social Networks

NEW: Bump now enjoy even more convenient - your card is filled out your profile, to do this manually! Now Bump works with computers!Photos, videos, files, anything. NEW: share the files on your device with a single blow!

Use Bump ™ to share contact information, photos, videos and files, hitting two phones.Just open the app and flip hands holding the phone in his hand.The rest, as if by magic, make himself Bump.

• syncing with your computer
• SHARE CONTACTS: share your contact information;to communicate through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn __ 17_ • SHARE PHOTOS: Share photos with friends and relatives __ 18_ • Share files: share files and documents stored on your device __ 19_ • SYNC DEVICES: Move contacts, photos and files between devices __ 20_ __ 21_ __ 22_ __ 23_with 100 million downloads worldwide Bump application can be used together with all your friends!

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