Best converter

Best converter
OS: Android 1.6
Category: Rest

"Best Converter" is one of the best converter measurements in GooglePlay.Despite the simplicity of appearance, the program is very intuitive and contains 25 categories with more than 400 variables, which as far as possible will be replenished.
Program is actively supported by the developer.With your advice, as well as remarks can apply at any time via the "Contact Us".Your request will not remain unnoticed.

To avoid inconvenience when using the measurement values ​​were integrated manual sorting system.Thus, you can move the value in the convenient place for you to hide or its uselessness.This and much more can be found in the program settings.The settings are present in the same size of the buttons, the font size and appearance.The program laid down converters of time zones and currencies with manual editing of the course.Clothing, fuel, cooking and much more await you in this wonderful program... About the latest changes, you will learn directly from the program by clicking on "Contact Us."

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