Backstab HD

Backstab HD
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Adventure

Backstab for android - in realistic exciting adventure game you take on the role of Henry Blake, in his quest for justice and expose the traitor.Henry Blake - once an officer of the Royal Navy of England, is in the midst of the battle for the protection of the city from the enemy.Repulsed an attack on the city, he discovers a terrible secret - his friend was a traitor, and with the help of hiding in the walls of the city invaders stunned Henry and sent him to jail.And then the fun begins - you have to get out of prison and restore his good name by finding and exposing the traitor!Climb, jump and lay your way through various obstacles, use your deadly fighting skills to defeat your enemies and all who stand in your puti.V your disposal the possibility of horse riding, which will allow you much faster to navigate through locations.animals are managed in the same way as the hero, that is, nothing complicated.Interestingly, the horse can simply steal or see the rider on the street, throw it and pick up the horse.

In Backstab HD big enough and colorful world, which has a lot of traced elements and for orientation in this space is given to help you map.Its thumbnail is displayed in the upper left corner, and when you click on it opens a complete map of all the marks.In addition, in this menu you can view your inventory, job, weapons, as well as game statistics.You will be given assistance in the meter needle that shows which direction you need to go to accomplish the mission.By the way, the missions in the game the most diverse - from the simple, such as to carry the bundle to another location, it is exciting to like to destroy several large ships.Control of the game built the most comfortable, perfectly embodies the combat system - supplemented combo attacks and special effects that make the dynamic and exciting battles.

Russian language: no
Internet: required for the first run Startup
cache: yes

Download Games Backstab HD on android for free

Cache for the game Backstab HD: folder archive unpack them in /sdcard/gameloft/games/
- should get so /sdcard/gameloft/games/GloftSDHM/ or GloftSDHP
- decompressed cache size 1.30 GB
- install apk, run the game!

  • The first time you need a Wi-Fi!
  • If not, try this: the built-in memory card qaWifiOnlyMode.txt create a file, put this to FALSE inside the file, run the mobile Internet, and then the game, the cache is checked, an icon to download through the Internet, will have about 5-6 dokochalosmb and the game starts!
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