OS: Android 2.1
Category: Social Networks
Tags: online

APIdog VKontakte - an alternative version of the most popular among different age groups, the social network VKontakte.The application has enhanced functionality, focused on the use of the owners of mobile devices with the Android operating system installed.Source code Apidog VK unlike the original fully open.The main advantage of the application is that the user is always visible for the rest of the owners of accounts as being "offline."

Program will be useful devices to users frequenting social network VKontakte, but want to do it incognito, while remaining invisible to other users.It is characterized by the presence of a concise, intuitive interface that allows you to use the program to any habitue VK network, even with little knowledge in the field of electronic engineering.

Program through modest "size" takes almost no memory of the mobile device, it is easy to install, setup.For even greater simplicity you can pre-load it into PC memory and only then "throw" to the desired folder on your tablet or smartphone.

How to repost?- Click photo to the placement records you liked, then click "Share with Friends."What should I do if the site is running, but nothing has been loaded?- Exit from the site, clear the browser cache and cookies, log back into the application.

Read the latest posts on the walls of the owners of accounts, visit your favorite team, listen to music, view videos and photos, use the full capabilities of your mobile device.Enjoy using.

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